CommCap Advisors Originate Note For 821 Grier


IMG_3103Property Name: 821 Grier

Full Address: 821 Grier, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Property type and size: Single Tenant Flex Industrial

Loan Type (Perm, Construction, Refinance, Bridge or Mezzanine): Permanent

Loan Amount: $5,975,000

Interest Rate: 4.375%

Term and Amortization: 25 year term and 25 year amortization

Name and Lender Type: (Bank, Life Company, CMBS, Private): Life Insurance Company

Anything else pertinent:  As a long term holder of real estate, the borrower wanted to lock in long term fixed rate financing before the market moved.  Although single tenant, highly specialized buildings are difficult to finance, CommCap was able to secure a fully amortizing loan from a life insurance company at a very competitive rate.


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