Executive from Tiberti Management Co joins Top Land Use Attorney from Kaempfer Crowell on Keeping Up With Real Estate with Tony Keep and Natalie Wainwright


Listen to a great interview as we talk with Asset Manager David Maffey from Tiberti Management Co. who covers the impact of big time sports on commercial real estate, and also some very exciting commercial projects. And we talked with top land use attorney Bob Gronauer, Managing Partner of Kaempfer Crowell, the top land use law firm in Las Vegas, who talked about the exciting history and growth of Las Vegas. Another sensational episode of Keeping Up With Real Estate with Anthony Keep (Tony Keep) and Natalie Calandre Wainwright!

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Photo left to right; Natalie Wainwright of Cushman & Wakefield (co-host); David Maffey of Tiberti Management Co.; Bob Gronauer of Kaempfer Crowell; Tony Keep of Radio Real Estate (host).


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