September Summary of Gatski Deals


September Summary of Gatski Deals


  • Tom Wagener, CCIM, and Senior Associate Denn Hamilton completed a land lease for 1 acre at the NEC Alexander Road and Flossmoor Street.
  • Craig Summers and Mel Koich completed a 12,110 square-foot lease for Framecad America Inc at 3322 E. Sunset Road #130-135.
  • Tom Wagener, CCIM, and Senior Associate Denn Hamilton leased unit #100 at 2451 S. Buffalo for 3,591 square feet, Buffalo Business Center.
  • At Arena Commerce Center, Ali Roesener completed two leases for 5,400 and 4,800 square feet at 4640 Polaris Avenue #A and 4640 Valley View D&E, respectively.


  • Ali Roesener completed two expansions at Central 7 Commerce Center for 2,647 square feet and 4,101 square feet at 3230 Polaris Avenue #36 and 3140 Polaris Avenue #1, 2, 49, 50, respectively.
  • Ali Roesener also completed a renewal for 2,280 square feet at 3535 Harmon Avenue, Harmon Business Center.


  • Ali Roesener completed a renewal for Piffilicious – 2,158 square feet at 3200 Polaris Avenue #13, 41.

Gatski Commercial Real Estate Services has been in operation in Southern Nevada since 1993.

Gatski teams work together to support the needs of each client. They do that by creating a unique business plan to produce effective, timely service solutions, including property and facilities management, brokerage, leasing, in-house building maintenance services and a comprehensive, fully equipped landscaping division. Through Gatski Commercial’s website, clients and potential clients can easily search property listings online.

The corporate culture at Gatski embraces a dedication to improving the industry as well as Southern Nevada.

Gatski Deals: August Brief


  • Mel Koich and Craig Summers completed a 11,460 square-foot lease for Offroad Arsenal LLC at 6260 E. Tropical Parkway, Venture Point.


  • Ali Roesener completed a renewal at 3655 W. Quail Avenue, for tenant CMJJ Gourmet for 7,745 square feet.


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