Will Generation Z Change The Workforce


Expected to outnumber Millennials by 2019, Gen Z is beginning to enter the workforce, ready to take over the office. In order to make things a bit easier for employers, we conducted a nationwide survey asking the generation born after 1995 about their expectations from the workplace. The findings are interesting and even go against some of the current office trends, so I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Here are some highlights:

  • In the age of the open office Gen Zers crave privacy: 38% of our respondents dream of working from home, while a close 37% want a private office;
  • Noise is the #1 productivity killer at the office, followed by interruptions from coworkers and the lack of privacy;
  • 60.5% said the possibility to personalize their space is what keeps them happy;
  • Despite most employers offering game rooms, the amenities that keep Gen Zers going are food options, free coffee or tea, and parking;
  • A generation with strong beliefs, they think working in an environmentally-friendly office is important;
  • Communication may not come so easy for Gen Z: 78% of our employed respondents said they have never confronted a colleague about their inappropriate office behavior.

Read more about what makes Gen Zers tick at the office and take a look at the methodology here: https://www.commercialcafe.com/blog/employers-guide-gen-z/


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