Next Generation Honoree: CREW Las Vegas’ Natalie Wainwright’s a Force for Tenants and Women’s Equality


Natalie Wainwright could focus on being an accomplished tenant-rep broker in Las Vegas and let it go at that. In that capacity, she regularly thinks outside the box on ways to create value for space users. However, she’s focused even more on giving back to the community, and on women’s equality within commercial real estate. She’s the current president of CREW Las Vegas, and goes out of her way to encourage women to step outside of their comfort zone on a daily basis. Her influence as a role model to women extends well beyond the Las Vegas Valley. Wainwright not only pushes her career and other women forward, she does it all as a single mother of two.

Those are just some of the reasons we chose Wainwright to be one of the National 2018 Next Generation Award winners. Connect Media’s second annual Next Generation Awards recognize young leaders in the commercial real estate industry who are likely to be influential for years to come.

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