Hayim Gets To Hang Out With Mark Cuban


Hayimdaniel-and-mark-480x360Sunday March 26, 2017,  the Adelson Education Campus held its annual “In Pursuit of Excellence” gala. This year’s honoree was none other than, Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and one of ABC’s “Sharks” on the hit show Shark Tank.

To be perfectly honest, I had no intentions of writing up a Takeaways from this event. But there were some things quite unique about the evening I thought would be interesting to share with all of you.

First of all… yes… Mark really did wear a polo and jeans to a formal event. To his credit, he did speak to it in the program, explaining that when he read the invitation he understood the event to be a Q&A with students. So he dressed for a Q&A with students. Somebody asked me if I believe him, and I have to say, I do. Still… nobody that night seemed to care!

Some of the Q&A was published in this RJ article.

My wife, Danielle, and I got to meet Mark during the cocktail reception.

•  How did our conversation go with Mark?
•  What insights did Mark share about the influence of his Jewish heritage, his views on technology, and why he never wears a tie?
•  How did he answer when asked “how do you define success?”

Click Here For The Full “Takeaway”


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