Hayim Tackles The Recent NAIOP Breakfast Program

MDL Group Names Hayim Mizrachi Managing Partner“Gentlemen, this is a football” is how the greatest NFL coach that ever lived,  Vince Lombardi, started out every season with his team. Rookies and veterans alike would hear the same speech starting with the most fundamental part of the game… “this is a football.”  Do you know what Lombardi did after he described the ball? He reaffirmed “I am the coach. You are the players.” He would then take the team out of the locker room and show them the field. He pointed out the out-of-bounds lines and the end zones. He would remind the players that the point of the game is to get the ball across the end zone line. It almost seems absurd! But you can’t argue with the results.
Thursday, July 20th NAIOP Southern Nevada’s breakfast program featured the Nevada Legislative Review: A Discussion of the 2017 Legislative Session. The room was absolutely packed. The moderator was Mitch Fox with the Porter Group. The program sponsor was SR Construction. Thank you Scott Loughridge!! You are the man. And my kids enjoyed the little hammer tchotchke.
The panelists…
Senator Scott Hammond, Co-Minority Whip, Republican

Senator Joyce Woodhouse, Co-Minority Whip, Democrat

Assemblyman Paul Anderson, Minority Floor Leader, Republican

Jon Leleu, Greenberg Traurig, NAIOP’s Government Affairs Representative
First of all, check out those names! There aren’t very many organizations in town that can summon this many, and this caliber of elected officials for a breakfast program. Kudos to NAIOP. On to the Moderator. Fox is a class act. The dude is super versed in legislative affairs. He has a natural presence and presentation airiness about him, similar to an Ambassador to the UN. That’s clearly because he has been in the legislative game for 30 years and is an Emmy-nominated television news reporter. As smooth as Fox was that morning, Assemblyman Anderson stole the show. I say that because every time he addressed the audience he reduced his commentary to plain English. You’ve heard of “legalese”… After this program I am coining a new term… “legislativese”.


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