Imatrex Medical Solutions Expands Headquarters


Imatrex Medical Solutions has expanded its headquarters into an 18,290 SF sublease with the assistance of Leslie Houston with The Larkin Group at NAI Vegas.  The approximately $1,370,000 transaction backfilled a nearly turn-key, underutilized unit occupied by a financial services company.  Imatrex, a medical technology company with expertise in diagnostic and treatment capabilities, aims to bring imaging and cancer treatment to the underserved world from the Las Vegas HQ. NAI considered the office sublease opportunity while coordinating the company’s R&D space and warehousing operations.  Ultimately the deal was done with little operational disruption and under terms which will accommodate future growth and consolidation.  “Imatrex needed headquarters to showcase its products and mission – bring superior diagnostic and treatment capabilities to the world.  NAI delivered a unit with a fitting image and terms conducive to rapid growth.” Said Gary Vecchiarelli, CFO.


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